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The Heartbeat Dialogue Exercises

The Heartbeat Dialogue is used to explore our intuition by conversing directly with our heartbeat region. It can be helpful in shifting stuck beliefs and emotional states as well as assist in gaining emotional insight. The Heartbeat Dialogue employs:

The heartbeat region, held to be a second brain and a subcortical area rich with intuitive connections.

Three sets of dialogue exercise questions.

The use of "whispering" to ensure our unconscious is fully involved in the process.

Left nasal dominance breathing to prime our unconscious processes.


Warning: Folks with a history of mental illness, PTSD, or panic are urged not to use these techniques without a therapist. If you decide to do these processes you will agree to absolve the webmaster, the webhost,, and Steve Mensing of any responsibility for the application or misapplication of these processes. There is always in any process the possibility that someone could experience some discomfort.

Steps to The Heartbeat Dialogue Exercises


Here are steps to for performing the Heartbeat Dialogue:

1. Left nasal dominance breathwork, heartbeat region hold, and feel a feeling while laying the opposite palm on it.
Perform left nasal dominance breathwork while you place your right palm on your heartbeat region and your opposite palm on your feeling, emotion, or physical sensations.

To perform left nasal dominance breathwork, gently pinch your right nostril shut and breathe through your left nostril only for the required 21 inhalations and exhalations. Inhale comfortably and fully though your left nostril only. When the last left-nasal dominance breath is completed, return to normal breathing Tune into a feeling you have about an event, yourself, or someone/a group. Fully feel the feeling and allow it to be there without attempting to get rid of it or keep it. (You may heighten your experience of the event, yourself, or someone else by using all 5 of your senses in recalling the event, yourself, or someone else. Hear, see, feel, smell or taste.)

2. Whisper your questions to your heartbeat region. Whisper the Heartbeat Dialogue questions to your heartbeat region while placing one palm on your heartbeat region and the other palm on your feeling. Let your answer come from your heartbeat region. Let your heartbeat region answer. Do not think your answer--intuit your answer. After you respond, feel your feeling each time, before returning your attention to your heartbeat.

Heartbeat Dialogue Questions: Exercises 1 - 3

Exercise I Heartbeat Dialogue Questions:

What can you tell me about me, others, the world around me?
What best I do?
What do you want for me?
Is there anything else I better know?

Exercise II Heartbeat Dialogue Questions:

Ask your heartbeat or feeling: "What do you want more than anything else?" (Your intuitive reply may come as an image, a feeling in your body, or something you hear).

After you receive an intuitive reply, ask your heartbeat or feeling: "What do you want even more than that?"

After you get an intuitive reply, can you ask your heartbeat or feeling: "What do you want more than that?"

Keep repeating these questions and responding intuitively to them. At a certain point your thinking will seize up and you will experience essence. You will note the feelings you originally experienced transformed into its essence opposite. Typically you may experience: Love, power, serenity, wholeness, completeness, or unity.

Exercise III Heartbeat Dialogue Questions::

Intuitively create an intuitive symbol in your heartbeat region. Allow your unconscious to create this symbol--do not think it into being. Pay attention to this intuitive symbol as it appears in the heartbeat area. Ask it any questions that occur to you. When you're done, observe the symbol until it dissolves.

A miracle happened overnight while you were sleeping and you awoke two years in the future. Upon awakening you fully and completely accepted your circumstances. How would you feel? What good things would you notice first? How would your mood be up? How much more energized would you feel? Who would you tell first about this miracle? Or would you keep it to yourself and just enjoy the moment?

Have fun, Steve

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