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Based on a conscious choice, intention is the active preference and commitment to do something. Examples: "I strongly desire to master emotional processing." or "I intend to fully feel my feelings and allow them to be there--I will neither try to get rid of them or keep them." In time these intentions will submerge themselves in the unconscious.

When an intention is completely installed at the gut level it becomes an attitude in the background that runs the show. It is truly the "power behind the throne". It resides in the unconscious to be effective. It remains out of everyday consciousness unless we draw our attention to it. Intention gets everything moving--it is the key being inserted in the ignition. As we can imagine it is extremely important that we have control over these committed preferences. They run our life. Having strong intentions will decide whether or not we have a pleasurable and meaningful life. Intentions are the governing force behind our will. With control of our intentions we have our hands firmly on the steering wheel of our lives.

Weak intentions are of little service and may help to create challenges for us both behaviorally and emotionally.

Good and strong intentions empower our lives. They are the very basis of emotional integration and healing. What we strongly intend pushes the ball up the court.

Poor intentions create emotional challenges and negative feedback from others and the environment.

Our lives unfold through our intentions. Our behavior is dictated by our strongest unconscious intentions. If you post on this page it will have been your intention that got those keys struck. However you may not have been aware of your intentions. They are just in the background of awareness.


We can have an enormous effect on our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations as well as our health with strong and focused intentions dwelling at the gut level.

Having strong intentions is key in most areas of our lives.

Warning: Folks with a history of mental illness, PTSD, or panic are urged not to use these techniques without a therapist. If you decide to do these processes you will agree to absolve the webmaster, the webhost,, and Steve Mensing of any responsibility for the application or misapplication of these processes. There is always in any process the possibility that someone could experience some discomfort.

Know Your Intentions Exercise

Allow yourself to become relaxed while you do this exercise. Utilize left nasal dominance breathing: Here you simply breathe though your left nostril by gently pinching your right nostril closed. Breathe this way for at least the first few minutes of discovering your unconscious intentions.

What are your most important values? Jot them down and see what your unconscious intentions are in this area. Write down your intentions. Be clear and specific.

Core values might occur in these areas: Health, survival, personal growth, spirituality, basic needs, hobbies, major interests, family life, etc. These reside in our depths.

Also take a look at your long-range and short-range goals. These can be clues to your intentions. List the intentions you have around your goals. List your most important intentions.

Are there any intentions you do not want? List them.

What feels like your most important intentions?

Are your intentions positive and life affirming? If not--list those for potential integration.

Are there any intentions you wish to make stronger by having less conflict with other intentions?

With your weak intentions, list any doubts, counter intentions, negative feelings, and "yes buts" that come up. These will be targets for integration.


Change Your Intentions Exercise

Here is a model for stating intentions:

I strongly prefer or desire to ___________________.

If you experienced any counter intentions, yes buts, doubts, or negative feelings around your intentions and want to integrate them, simply use any Emoclear integrator to trim around your intention. Keep stating your positive intention with conviction and integrate any of those doubts, counter intentions, yes buts, or negative feelings until you are left with a very powerful intention. This will shortly fall away from your awareness and inhabit the world of your unconscious. You will know it though a felt sense.

Ask yourself these questions to further test your unconscious intention:

(1) Does my intention feel believable?

(2) Is it strongly felt with no competing feelings or intentions?

(3) Does it lead to a deeper sense of enhanced living?

(4) Does this intention support my deepest preferences and cherished values?

(5) Does this intention have a basic sense of goodness?

If the intention fails these tests, either replace it or do a preferred process to change it and try again until you have a strong, positive, and believable intention. These will gradually be integrated into your nature and fall away from your awareness. You will experience their guiding force at the gut level.

Have Fun, Steve

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