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Problem Solving

The following exercise is a general purpose approach to finding or creating solutions to problems.

The Problem Solver

Here are the steps of The Problem Solver:

1. Describe the problem. What does it look like? Where does it occur? When does it occur? Who is involved with it? How often does it happen? Does this challenge involve several aspects? Do you have a name you call the problem? Would the label challenge do? Or perhaps a more positive label?

2. How does this challenge feel? On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is this challenge? How do you feel about this challenge? Is this challenge important enough to bother overcoming or can you accept it and live with it? Are you motivated enough to find a solution?

3. What might you rather have in place of this challenge? At this moment is there something you'd prefer to have happening instead of this challenge? What is it? Is there anything you can do to make that happen now? Or is more challenge solving required?

4. What are the multiple causes of your challenge? What's happening to create this challenge? Which of the following might be contributing to your challenge?

Something in the environment?
Other Persons?
Habitual patterns?
Something else?

5. How have others solved this challenge? How have others solved this challenge? Have you searched for how others solved the same or similar challenge? How did they do it?

6. Have you ever solved this challenge or a similar challenge? Have you solved this challenge or similar one previously? How did you do it? Can those learnings be reapplied to this challenge?

Choose either 7A or 7B to find solutions:

7A. Consider many possible solutions to your challenge and write them down. Make a list of solutions to your challenge. Brainstorm if needed and quickly, without judgment, write out as many possible solutions as they occur to you. Play with your best solutions in 7A and see if you can improve them.

7B. Use the creator to come up with how the challenge appears like solved and then chant visualize the solution. Use the
Creator to come up with how the challenge appears like solved and then chant visualize the solution.

8. Is there any belief or emotion blocking finding a solution? Beliefs like "I can't solve this" or "it's too much" or "it's impossible"? Or emotions?
Integrate or process any beliefs or emotions blocking your solution finding or implementing progress.

9. Choose your best solution from 7a or 7b and implement it. Choose your best solution from 7A or 7B and implement it. If it's a behavior you're doing, practice it until it feels natural.

One other Emoclear solution finder you might try is the
Mutli-Solutions Generator.


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