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The State Maker


The State Maker Process is rooted the work of Milton Erickson and NLP style approaches to state creation. Once the State Maker is mastered someone can access any state they've known or might imagine.




Warning: Folks with a history of mental illness, PTSD, or panic are urged not to use these techniques without a therapist. If you decide to do these processes you will agree to absolve the webmaster, the webhost,, and Steve Mensing of any responsibility for the application or misapplication of these processes. There is always in any process the possibility that someone could experience some discomfort.

Here are the steps to The State Maker:

(1) What state would you prefer: Ask yourself what state you would prefer to be in at this moment? Would you enjoy being creative, resourceful, joyous, alert/relaxed/focused, or something else? (Go to step (2)).

(2) State your preferred state aloud: State your preferred state aloud. (Go to step (3)).

(3) Assume the physical posture you would be in if you were in this state: Assume the physical posture you would be in when you are in this state. Really feel this posture from head to toe while you begin to imagine already being in this state.

(4) What do you recall about having had this state? If it's not a state you've had, what would someone else who experienced this state recall? Left nasal dominance recall or create state breath: What do you recall about having had this state? If it's not a state you've had, what would someone else who had this state recall? While you begin to recall your memory or create someone else's, gently pinch your right nostril shut and breathe deeply and fully from your left nostril only for 12 inhalations and exhalations. Remove your finger and breathe regularly now. (Go to step (5)).

(5) Sensualize your memory: Begin to sensualize your memory.

*How did you FEEL in this memory? Bodily recall this state. Feel how it feels in your body. Allow yourself to feel it from your head to your toes.

*What do you SEE in this memory? Of your head? Allow yourself to see what occurred in this memory. Look out through your eyes and allow the scene to unfold. Perhaps you were looking inward. See whatever was there.

*What did you HEAR in this memory? Hear every sound in the memory. Hear the location of the sound, its loudness, its faintness.

*What did you TASTE in the memory? Were there any sensations of taste?

*What did you SMELL during the memory? Were there any noticeable scents during your memory?

*Allow all the senses to combine while you re-experience this state.

(6) Placing your palm on your heartbeat region, ask yourself what you believed during this state: Placing your palm briefly on your heartbeat region, ask yourself what you believed during this state. (Go to step 7)

(7) Ask yourself to feel your emotions during this state: Ask yourself to feel your emotions during this state. Just allow those emotions to be there and to percolate. (Go to step

Allow your state to flow together and respond bodily to each of these questions:

*After you have allowed this state to happen how will you notice it has happened. What will you feel first? What will you be seeing? What will you be hearing?

*When this state is fully present, what will you be doing? What will your physical posture be? How will you experience your arms, hands, and legs?

*The moment the state becomes your state, what will your state's facial expression be? How will you be breathing? What will your attention be on?

Tips on the State Maker

*Be well hydrated before you create states.

*Practice every segment fully until you have confidence in performing each. Then do the State Maker all together. Choose easier states at first. Then tackle states that you imagine other folks have.

*If there is a previous state that's interfering, then break its pattern by doing something different. Stand differently. Interrupt its thoughts. Purposely insert other thoughts to break its thought pattern. Breathe rapidly if you were breathing slowly. Breathe slowly if you were breathing rapidly. Allow yourself to feel differently. This will erase or jam the previous state to make it even easier for you to flow into the state you prefer.

*Repeat all of the State Maker steps until you're well satisfied that you are in the preferred state.

*Alter sense experience to subtly alter states. You can alter the following senses:


Can you alter the color?
Can you change your distance from the image?
Can you brighten or dim the image?
Can you make the image larger or smaller?
Can you speed up or slow down the image?
Can you alter it to weaken or strengthen emotions?


Can you make it louder or quieter?
Can you alter its tone?
Can you alter the direction of the sound?
Can you speed the content up or slow it down?
Can you hear specific sounds or words?


Can you make it hot or cold?
Can you change its texture?
Can you change its heaviness or lightness?
Can you feel it moving or staying in place?
*Practice, practice, practice.

Have fun, Steve


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