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The Twilight Trance Process


The Twilight Trance Process is a deep trance method utilizing Left Nasal Dominance Breathwork, a vagal response technique, space making imagery to trigger slow brainwaves, and imagery to stimulate unconscious processes and trance dreaming. The Twilight Trance Process may be used to enhance skill performance, undo blocks, tap unconscious processes, resolve emotional challenges, and assist with health related issues.

Warning: Folks with a history of mental illness, PTSD, or panic are urged not to use these techniques without a therapist. If you decide to do these processes you will agree to absolve the webmaster, the webhost,, and Steve Mensing of any responsibility for the application or misapplication of these processes. There is always in any process the possibility that someone could experience some discomfort. 

Steps to the Twilight Trance Process

1. Gently pinch your right nostril shut and breathe deeply and slowly through your left nostril only for a 12 count while you imagine a juicy lemon and allow your mouth to fill entirely with saliva: Gently pinch your right nostril shut and breathe deeply and slowly through your left nostril only for 12 inhalations and exhalations. Imagine a juicy lemon and allow your mouth to fill entirely with saliva. Allow this saliva to remain there for the duration of this process. Let the saliva surround your tongue. Go to step (2).

2. Lay on flat surface, relax your tongue, lay your arms at your sides, tune into your heartbeat: For the duration of this process, lay on a flat surface (Bed/floor). Lay your arms at your sides and slightly away from your body. Spread your fingers so none touch. Close your eyes for the remainder of this exercise and continue to breathe comfortably, deeply, and slowly in and out through your nose only. Tune your attention into your heartbeat area. Go to step 3.

3.  Allow attention to shift to images of the interior of a familiar house or building: Simply allow your attention to recall a familiar house or building. When you have tuned into the imagery of this familiar house or building you may begin to create images of a make believe building until you have reached a deep reverie or experience the borders of dreaming. (You may whisper-chant the details of one or several of the following images below):

Walking down long and winding staircases.
Walking down very long corridors and hallways.
Sliding down long and comfortable slides that may go for hundreds of yards. You may do this sliding in the dark if you feel comfortable about it.
Walk down inclined tunnels leading deep underground.
See wide and spacious vistas out-of-doors.
Walk inside a large rectangular building with hallways that seem to go on endlessly.
Stand in a huge hallway where all surfaces are mirrored.
Play with each of the above images and use all your senses when it occurs to you.

The more you practice these images, the further you will go into unconscious processes. If you begin to have long reveries or begin to dream that's okay. Go to step 4.

4. Choose a process question or two to work with when your internal imagery feels deep enough for you or use the "Healer Within" questions appearing after the process questions:

(a) Is there a feeling or memory that you would care to know more about in an intuitive way? Simply experience it and ask it any questions that bubble up.

(b) Is there a challenging situation in your life that you would like answers for? Allow for an image representing the situation to spontaneously appear and ask it the following:

How will my unconscious begin to resolve this difficulty?
Will my answers to my difficulty arrive as a feeling? A picture? Something heard?
How might my unconscious begin to heal me physically? What will I notice first? What might I do to help?
What new information will begin to emerge from my unconscious about this challenge?
How might my unconscious relabel this difficulty so it could be solved or dissolved more easily? Let my unconscious do the relabeling now.
Does my unconscious have a message or messages for me that require my attention and activity?
What good or important things does my challenge do for me?
What would my challenge appear like after it's solved? What would I notice first? What could I do to expedite its solution?
Always ask these questions in a permissive manner and avoid pushing.

Working with the "Healer Within" questions: choose one of these four approaches to working with your "healer within":

Whisper all your statements and questions as this helps make a good connection with our unconscious and the Healer Within.


(a) State to your heartbeat region: "Thank you Healer Within for all the good things you have done. Please ask my unconscious to work with you to heal my challenge of __________________. Bring all your learnings and resources to this healing. Will you begin this healing now?" Wait. An intuition may arise as a feeling, an image, an inner sound or voice. Allow your attention to linger here for a few minutes.

(b) Ask your heartbeat region: "Healer Within" what will my healing appear like a year from now? How will I feel about it? Who will notice the wonderful effects of this healing? What will it sound like when I am healed? What will it feel like? What will I see when this happens? What will others say?" [Take your time responding to each question. Let your answers come from your heartbeat region.]

(c) Intuitively create a metaphoric symbol in your heartbeat region for your Healer Within. Allow your unconscious to create the symbol--do not think it. (See the Intuitive Symbolizer on the
Techniques A to Z page for more detailed instructions on how to intuitively create a symbol as opposed to thinking one up). Pay attention to these intuitive metaphoric symbols and allow your Healer Within to form a healing alliance with your unconscious to heal _________________. Then allow the metaphoric symbol to intuitively transform into a symbol of a completed healing. Observe it until it dissolves.

(d) Ask your heartbeat region: "During dreamtime tonight and during this coming week of dreams can you go though my entire life from my earliest years to now and accept, love, appreciate, and find meaning in those parts of my life yet to reach balance and harmony. Let healings and harmonizings take place all through my life where it is required to support my healing. Allow me to know my most important unheard messages. Thank you."

If any counter beliefs, counter intentions, or doubts appear these can be grist for the integration mill. Use your favorite Emoclear integrators or exposure-desensitization processes. This will further strengthen your belief in your healing. When you have completed integrating, then redo the process until you are satisfied a healing has begun or has already taken place.

5. Grounding yourself/right nasal dominance breathwork: When you are ready, simply return your attention to the present and your sense of your body. Allow yourself to feel yourself fully in your body. Gently pinch your left nostril shut and breathe through your right nostril only for about 12 quick inhalations and exhalations. Look around your room and begin to think about your surroundings. Stretch and give yourself a little time before you get up.

Tips on the Twilight Trance Process

Practice each segment of the process separately until you can naturally perform each. Then put them together.

Keep a few of the questions on a slip of paper so you can use them as a reminder to ask yourself questions during the process. Or let questions occur to you spontaneously during the process.

The Twilight Trance Process can be used to practice new behaviors. After you've obtained reverie or are on the verge of dreaming you can practice visualizing a new behavior.

You can allow your unconscious to assist you in creating visualization processes that might be employed to fight a disease or increase healing. Healing visualizations are generally best if you allow your own creative processes to create the imagery. You can chant whisper the details of your visualization.

Have fun, Steve

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